A Look at Twitter Users by Country and Why That Matters

Twitter is one of the most enjoyable social media networks in the world according to experts and users alike. They mostly praise how well compressed it was made, the instant gratification it grants the users, how easy it is to connect with anyone, from any land, anywhere in the world in no time at all, and finally if you remember your recent history, Twitter has helped spark revolutions up and down the globe. When it comes to the power of social of media influencing marketing efforts, everything has been said and done.

However, it’s never wrong to keep oneself up-to-date with SEO internet marketing, especially if you want to use Twitter or any other social media as a tool in your marketing strategy. The main question you have to ask yourself when you decide to market your brand on Twitter is, what countries are the most active on Twitter? You have to search for per capita use.

The top 10 countries with the most per capita twitter users are the US (49.35 millions), Japan (39.85), UK (13.7), Saudi Arabia (11.34), Turkey (8.83), Brazil (8.49), India (7.83), Mexico (6.96), Spain (6.44), and France (6.17). And the age demographics are 15-19 31%; 20-24 35%; 25-29 15%; 30-34 7%; 35-39 4%; 40-44 3%; 45-49 2%; 50-54 2%; 55-60 1%.

Interesting Note: The Dutch are very aggressive internet users with 90% of the citizens in “Nederland” being online, and over 50% of them on Social Media.

The reason why all this data and numbers are so important to your marketing efforts is because you need to know exactly how to use Twitter for a positive long-term gain. The social media is much different now that it was when it first debuted back in 2006, and marketers need to know and understand the evolution process of Twitter as well as its current ecosystem. We are talking about the third social media platform used by marketers to promote their brand.

One of the most effective marketing strategy used by marketers in any of the top 10 countries with the most Twitter users is creating a quick and direct customer service, moreover, a recent study showed that 85% of Twitter users said that if a business does not offer customer service through the platform they are most likely not to purchase any product or service from said company. You need to invest time and resources into creating an effective customer service strategy on Twitter to give your business a unique opportunity to grow.

Having high levels of responsiveness on this social media platform has proven to be good business, as a matter of fact, in 2017 DOVE was chosen as the most transparent and responsive company, beating industry titans such as Coca-Cola, Colgate, and AVG.

Another sound strategy for marketing on Twitter is sharing video content for a higher level of engagement between your brand and its followers. Out of all the social media platform, the little blue bird network is the one that has put on the extra work on evolving the way your video can be seen and shared in order to maximize the impact, an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of video sharing shows that Twitter outperforms Facebook and all others by more than 40%.