Why SEO is Important for a Small Business

For small businesses, it is important to remember that about 80% of potential customers use the internet to search for the products and services they need. Therefore, if your business does not have a considerable online presence, you are preventing people from finding you each and every single day.

Also, in today’s busy online world, businesses need more than a simple website to draw in customers. The days of simply having a homepage with a bio and your business hours are over.

Remember, potential customers are regular people like you and typically, people do not venture past the first page of search results. Therefore, you need a website that is search engine optimized. This means that search engines will display your website closer to the top of search results, and it will be that much easier for potential customers to find your site.

With this in mind, we are going to look at SEO solutions in Red Deer and why it is important for small businesses.

The Competition is Fierce

It is no secret that there is fierce competition in any business market. But, the truth is, the competition for website traffic is even more fierce since the internet opens these markets up to millions of people around the globe. Therefore, almost every business out there will be striving to gain more customers by ranking higher on search engines like Google. This includes your competition.

On a local and a global scale on the other side of the world like Trendz Naija, other businesses in the same market as you will be competing to be the first search result on the page. As a small business you will not have as much presence online as a big corporation that has similar products or services as you do. The bottom line is that you have to work harder to be noticed when people are searching for your specific market. Now to be honest there is a big different between the level of competition in a city like Red Deer, and a big American city where you are come competing with a digital marketing agency San Francisco has to offer. The alternative is to do nothing, and get no traffic…

Therefore, by not implementing SEO into your business, you will essentially be making it easier for potential customers to find your competitors’ websites, instead of yours.

Finding and Gaining New Customers

When you break things down, the most common reason for a business to have a website is to advertise their products and services and to make it easier for people to find their company. Therefore, if your website is not easily found, how are you ever going to gain new customers?

By implementing a strong SEO strategy, and proper web development you will increase your website’s ranking on major search engines. In turn, this means that more people will be able to find your business, which potentially means reaching new people, gaining new customers and finally, making more sales.

Favorable Return

But what about the ROI of Search Engine Optimization? Another major reason to invest in SEO is that it provides a great return on a small initial investment. This is because it does not cost as much to implement SEO into your company’s website as it is to try and gain more customers through other advertising mediums that are temporary. By adding investing in this type of service, you will be able to increase your bottom line more over the long term.

When done properly, SEO always delivers positive results for the company implementing the strategy. The returns are typically long-term and paid out by an increase in leads, conversions, customers and sales.

Of course, there are many other reasons as to why SEO is so important for your small business such as its compatibility with advertising on social media, the way it promotes brand awareness, or simply the fact that a solid website development and optimization strategy almost always generates higher conversion rates.

Regardless, if you are a small business owner, remember that above all else, SEO translates to better business and every dollar invested will be well worth it when you see an increase in customers, sales and profits.