Online MBA: Is it the Right Option for You?

I never had the opportunity to do an MBA, but I have seriously considered doing so to help my business. There is a certain charm to attending a business school that goes beyond mere academics. You get to meet interesting people, who may become your life-long friends. You get an opportunity to network with people who may be of use to you once you land a job after completing your MBA program.

However, this ideal setting may not suit you, if you are forced to remain homebound due to your situation in life or due to other commitments that prevent you from enrolling in a regular MBA program. This has upped the possibility of pursuing an MBA sitting at home.

Reasons for pursuing an online MBA

Online MBA has been around for some time now. With the ease of internet connectivity, pursuing studies online from any part of the world is possible, the reason why it is attracting so many students and professionals.

However, there are other great benefits of pursuing an online MBA. Let’s see what they are:

#1 Allows flexibility

Online MBA is a boon to those who want flexibility in time. For example, if you are a mother who needs to remain with your toddler and cannot attend a regular business school or you are already in a full-time job, but want to acquire higher education for career betterment or if you have any other reason that does not allow you to attend physically, online MBA program is for you.

#2 Saves money

Pursuing an MBA program at a business school is expensive. And it is not only the cost of tuition that lays heavy on your pocket but also incidental expenses, such as commuting, food, clothes, etc. An online MBA program works out much cheaper since all you need is a good internet connection and a computer in your home.

#3 Ideal for those with clarity of goal

The big advantage of pursuing an MBA program in a regular business school is the opportunity to interact with others. The one or two years that you spend there, you get to know other students and the industries they work for. This provides you with a chance to explore options outside your own area of expertise and allows you to consider a career switch if required. Although this is not possible in an online MBA program, since you work all alone in your home, it is not required if you are clear in your mind of what you want out of your MBA.

#4 Networking

At times, physical networking in a business school becomes more important than academic content. Pursuing an MBA program sitting at home may not allow you to do so. However, online MBA programs offer their kind of networking. For example, Edinburg Business School at Herriot-Watt University has an online business school network of over 9,000, and that of USC Marshall School of Business of the University of Southern California is more than 390,000. This allows the exchange of notes with a vast number of people belonging to your field of expertise.

#5 Meeting diverse groups

In a regular business school, exposure to diverse people is limited to the number who get enrolled from all over the world in your MBA program. This is a small number as compared to the diversity found online. Online, you get to interact with many more people belonging to different ethnic and cultural backgrounds from around the world and get enriched by their differing opinions and viewpoints in discussions. 

#6 Acquire cutting edge business technology

Online MBA program delivered via computer makes you much more computer savvy, as compared to those who attend regular classes. You not only gain mastery over business technology but also get the option to fit the MBA program to your needs. What’s more, you also become proficient in online platforms, such as Adobe and ANGEL that are making online learning even more dynamic and interactive. Also, you become an expert in troubleshooting computer problems by using the comprehensive technical support provided by online MBA programs.


Enrolling in an MBA program is great, but you need to weigh the pros and cons of pursuing it in a regular business school or online in the comfort of your home. Both have got their advantages and disadvantages. Are you interested in pursuing an online MBA program? Click here to know more about the program.