Why is the Title Tag so Important in SEO Web Design Best Practices?

Title tags are an essential HTML component that marks the title of a web page and can be found on search engine results pages (SERPs) in the form of a clickable headline for a particular result, and are important for usability, SEO, and social sharing. A web page’s title tag’s function is to be an […]

MBA job market in Canada : All you need to know

As much as interpersonal growth and skill enhancement might sound interesting, they are just outcomes of pursuing the right MBA course. The real reason behind doing an MBA is, in almost all cases, a well-paying job with all the features like job security and promotions it has to offer. See our previous post about online[…..]

What Does Google Trusting Your Site Mean?

When we have a website and make improvements to that site, we do not really think about whether our site is trusted by Google or not. For a lot of people, they may not even realize that Google trust is a thing. What SEO providers know, is that trust from Google is an important thing[…..]

Website Speed Affects SEO

Imagine a scenario of someone who has discovered that their vehicle is not working properly. They think it may be the battery or maybe it is something more serious. As they are not sure where the local auto shop is or who may offer walk in service, they take to googling local auto repair shops[…..]