Humor on Social Media as a Web-based Marketing Strategy

In 1923 an advertising pioneer by the name of Claude C. Hopkins said: “People don’t buy from clowns.” That may have been true back then, but times have definitely changed. Nowadays is very common to see some of the World’s biggest brands using humor as a social media marketing tool to promote and sell their products.


Humor is the greatest equalizer there is, and on social media, it holds a special power, because hilarious content is always the better way to engage your followers. Everyone loves to laugh (even us here at Gold Seal SEO Inc.), and when you have to decide which business to follow on Twitter or Facebook we are always going to aim at those that make us smile with their posts, moreover, humoristic content is among the top five reason people would follow a brand or an individual on social media.


Using humor in their social media accounts isn’t something meant for everyone, most of the time it can be seen as a risk, however, if it’s done right, it can bring incredible benefits not only to your social media accounts but also to your business’s bottom line.


As humans, we love to laugh, the health benefits of a good day’s laugh have been proven over and over again, a good joke can brighten up a bad day, break the ice, and help to connect with other people.


Serious regular content tends to face into the background and go unnoticed due to the sheer amount of information found in social media. However, when we stumble upon something funny and unexpected it immediately catches our attention, helping the brand to stand above all the digital noise out there.


A good example of this is R/GA, a Creative Agency from New York City, one of the sassiest brands to inhabit the Twitterverse since 2008 they have been consistently delivering quick and witty replies and making clever posts that make you stop scrolling, think, and have a nice chuckle. They have made fun of anything from eHarmony to themselves, which is actually good, making fun of their own brand establish them as a leading company with remarkable levels of confidence.


According to recent surveys, a whopping 75% of individuals who follow a brand on their social media accounts are more likely to make a purchase. This is something you as a business owner need to take advantage. Such brands as Old Spice, Denny’s, and Charmin are some of the leading brands in Social Media using humor as a marketing strategy on these platforms.