Definition And Purpose Of Backlinks

With any SEO marketing campaign there are many different aspects that go into optimizing a customer’s website. Something that is an essential factor of any search engine is backlinks as it determines how “popular” a website is for that specific keyword search. Search engines use algorithms to decide which websites have the most “authority” on a subject. In other words, which website has the most information, clicks and links pointing towards it. As you can see, backlinks are important in order to show search engines that your website is an authority, see more from Tomaz Rodica, in your niche. For building backlinks it is important to use proper rank tracking tools like Linkio in order to gain best results and more organic traffic.

What is a backlink exactly?

Simply put, a backlink is a link (aka hyperlink) on another’s website that points back to your website, like from a blog post about SEO to our Gold Seal SEO website. Because the link points back to your website is why it is referred to as a backlink. Having a link on another website ups the chance that more people will find your website.

An example of a backlink would be in a lot of how to blogs or best of something searches. If you were to search how to make jam, there would be many options to choose from, but if you click on one and quickly browse over it you will notice that there will be several links out. Some of those links will most likely point back to their own sight, however, some will point to somewhere else. Those are backlinks.

What the search engines do with these links is index them and as your website gains more backlinks the higher you will be.

How are backlinks built?

Most will be in blogs or articles and social media posts. Your SEO specialist will generate links through guest blog posts, original content, establishing relationships, generally by using an email finder, who are willing to make a blog post with a link, and reclaiming links. It does require a lot of work and strategy to create the juice, which is the authority it creates, you are needing to rise above your competitors. One has to remember that most customers when they are searching for something rarely go past the first 3-5 companies listed as they feel that the ones that are at the top are the best options for what they are looking for.

If you see that your business is not ranking in the top few choices on search engines, it is highly worth hiring a SEO specialist like Gold Seal SEO Inc. to help you rise up the search rankings and get more online customer traffic. In the end you will see higher returns for your investment making it a highly effective online marketing option to grow your business.