The Fallout of Microsoft’s Purchase of Skype

Since 2011, when Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars, it is not hard to find those who complain about how difficult the software has become to use. Even those who were true devotees to Skype are turning their backs on the once popular software. Negative reviews keep rising on the Google Play and Apple […]

Definition And Purpose Of Backlinks

With any SEO marketing campaign there are many different aspects that go into optimizing a customer’s website. Something that is an essential factor of any search engine is backlinks as it determines how “popular” a website is for that specific keyword search. Search engines use algorithms to decide which websites have the most “authority” on[…..]

Humor on Social Media as a Web-based Marketing Strategy

In 1923 an advertising pioneer by the name of Claude C. Hopkins said: “People don’t buy from clowns.” That may have been true back then, but times have definitely changed. Nowadays is very common to see some of the World’s biggest brands using humor as a social media marketing tool to promote and sell their[…..]

A Look at Twitter Users by Country and Why That Matters

Twitter is one of the most enjoyable social media networks in the world according to experts and users alike. They mostly praise how well compressed it was made, the instant gratification it grants the users, how easy it is to connect with anyone, from any land, anywhere in the world in no time at all,[…..]