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Throughout history, businesses have grown and thrived on the strength of widespread word-of-mouth recommendation…

In the modern age, the success of your business depends on more than just positive word-of-mouth and conventional marketing.

When you are ready to expand your brand, Gold Seal SEO can supplement the traditional forms of promotion with a suite of innovative digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, website optimization, social media and content creation, advanced analytics and tracking, and reputation management.

It’s simple – in order to stay ahead of the competition and increase your online revenue, you need to direct more traffic to your company’s website and convert those targeted leads into sales. While some SEO service providers are obsessed with purely dominating Google search rankings, Gold Seal offers a more balanced approach that involves analyzing the needs of your brand and presenting a detailed plan that will help to boost targeted traffic and maximize your return on investment.

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Boasting the total package of Calgary SEO solutions, our search engine specialists will employ a data-driven strategy to provide quantifiable results that will improve the bottom line of your business.

Organic Google Ranking

Show up in search results for your services ABOVE your competitors.

Review Generation Systems

Reviews are a critical component of the public’s view of your company.

Social Media Exposure

In order for Google to take you seriously you need more than just a Facebook page.

Google Map Pack

The Google Map Pack can be tricky to show up in the top 3, but we have solutions to help try and get you there.

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    These days, “Google it” has become a commonplace phrase in the modern vernacular. A majority of the population understands how to use an internet search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and relies on technology to find the products and services they require. When a search engine query is conducted, the results are displayed with paid advertisements at the top and the organic links below them. Instead of being directly purchased like the obvious paid ads above them, organic links earn their placements so they appear more trustworthy and legitimate to the average person. Therefore, if your website ranks highly among the organic search results, it is more likely that a potential customer will click your link and explore what you have to offer.

    In many cases, it isn’t enough to just rank highly – there is a significant difference in the amount of leads you can generate by ranking even one position higher in search engine results. The click-through rate drops dramatically between the first and second ranked web pages, and it absolutely falls off a cliff if your website doesn’t appear on the first page at all. At Gold Seal SEO, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to heighten the search engine visibility of your website and provide an effective return on investment with our Calgary SEO services. We specialize in enlarging your brand’s online footprint and improving the quality and quantity of your organic search engine traffic through a combination of proven digital marketing techniques including on-page optimization, backlinks, social media activity, citations, business listings, and more.

    Pay Per Click

    Although the Calgary SEO techniques outlined above result in a more natural presence among search engine rankings, they generally take additional time to organically grow and gradually infiltrate the algorithms used by Google and its competitors. If you would prefer to gain a consistent flow of potential customers within a shorter period of time, Pay Per Click advertising – also known as search engine marketing – can be an extraordinarily effective form of digital promotion for your brand. Rather than waiting for your website to organically earn its way to the top of search engine rankings, you can decide exactly who will see your advertisement at the very top of the page based on particular keywords or demographic characteristics.

    Working in concert with the other Calgary SEO options we offer, PPC allows you to quickly reach your intended audience by exposing your brand to the ideal customer base at the right time. As its name implies, you only pay for PPC services when someone interacts with your ad. Every time your ad is clicked, you pay a fee to the search engine. At Gold Seal SEO, we can work with you to complement your SEO services with PPC promotion by creating a wide-ranging digital campaign strategy designed to attract more targeted leads and increase sales conversions. Throughout the campaign period, we will constantly monitor all relevant metrics and control your marketing costs responsibly to optimize the performance of your brand in this highly competitive digital landscape.

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    Website Optimization and Content Creation

    The most essential tool for a business to survive and thrive in the 21st century and beyond is a functional website that is both user-friendly and visually appealing. If a potential customer clicks on your link and finds a subpar website that doesn’t meet their expectations, they are extremely likely to click away to a competitor with a superior online presence. Gold Seal SEO can help prevent this from happening to you by offering visual adjustments to prioritize the use experience (UX) of your website.

    “Content is King” is a very familiar term in the SEO world, and indeed has a very important role to play in affecting SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions). Many businesses don’t have the time or resources to generate the volume and quality of fresh content that is required to edge past their competitors and prove to Google that they are an authority in their industry. At Gold Seal SEO we include content creation in our system, so that your business is producing what you need and when you need it to increase the value of your online presence.

    Our Approach

    As digital marketing firm proudly serving Calgary, Gold Seal SEO operates according to ethical standards and business practices to give your brand the exposure and visibility it deserves. Whether you are an online company trying to grow your revenue or a local business aiming to increase the number of visitors to your physical location, we will build a customized solution for your business. With the range of options available, we will ensure that your brand gets noticed locally, nationally, or internationally, depending on your business plan and requirements. As we begin to implement our suggestions and changes, we provide state-of-the-art metrics and analytics that track the benefits of Calgary SEO services to your brand.

    Think Big

    Don’t settle for outsourcing your website ranking to someone who is not invested in your success.

    Our Process

    To best serve the Calgary SEO needs of your growing brand, Gold Seal SEO consults with each and every client to map out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

    Once we have a common understanding of the goals you have for yourself and your brand, we can analyze your industry and the market as well as your existing online presence. If you already have a website in place, we can conduct a thorough examination to determine the necessary changes that are required to optimize your website for Calgary. Part of our specialized process includes ensuring that you have been verified in online business directories appropriate to your industry, and the major search engines, as well as optimizing any Social Media accounts that represent your brand. In today’s marketplace, Social Media is the most direct and efficient way to interact with existing and potential customers. The major search engines take Social Media activity into account when determining ranking for a web page, and we can help to build the content and interaction necessary to meet those activity expectations.

    When we have identified the areas in which your online presence needs to be fully optimized, we will begin the process of adding authority to your website through the use of relevant citations, allowing your brand to become an impact player in search results for your selected keyword terms. With a properly structured website and useful local listings, your business may appear at the top of local search results as part of Google’s valuable map pack. Although unscrupulous and abusive sites have given link building a bad name, we provide authority to your website by working to attract organic and honest links with relevant sites, and delivering personalized content for your blog designed to rank highly and attract traffic and potential customers.

    What We Offer

    When you choose to work with us to solve your Calgary SEO needs, you will be treated to an elite level of service and expertise in digital marketing techniques. While other agencies may see you as just another client, we recognize that different businesses require diverse strategies and customized plans unique to their industries. Serving local businesses in Calgary, Gold Seal SEO values each and every client and puts forth an exceptional effort to raise the search engine profile of your website. By delivering your website to the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results, we make certain that your brand is exposed to the largest possible audience of prospective customers.

    The Gold Seal Promise

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    As long as you are our customer, we will strive to promote your website and maximize your digital marketing presence. Instead of locking you up in a long-term contract, you pay only the monthly agreed upon fee for the Calgary SEO services you require. If we are not generating results, you are free to end our relationship at any time. By leaving your Internet marketing services in our capable hands, you can focus your attention on growing and maintaining your core business. Rather than devoting unnecessary time and resources to handling it yourself in-house, you can rely on our extensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge to enlarge your online footprint and deliver targeted leads that you can successfully convert into sales. At Gold Seal SEO, we are proud of the work we do and look forward to growing along with our valued clientele.

    What Our Clients Say

    Testimonials from our clients on their experiences with Gold Seal SEO.

    Dean A.

    Dean A

    Business Owner

    “It is still early in our business relationship, but I have been impressed so far with the results that Gold Seal SEO has delivered for us. In less than 3 months our site rankings tore past our local competition for a pile of different keywords. We are a small Internet Service Provider company, and we outrank even giant ISP’s for some of the local keywords we are targeting. Thank you Gold Seal SEO!”

    Chuck R.

    Pastor Chuck R.

    Lead Pastor

    “I want to say thank you to the team at Gold Seal SEO. When our church started looking to expand our marketing we didn’t know where to really start. Our website was at the bottom half of page 1 on Google with the keywords we wanted. Our website traffic was just a trickle, and this reflected in the number of new people who came through the doors on Sunday mornings. Now 6 months from when we started, the only megachurch in our city (which is not us) is the only church ranked higher than us in Google for all of our keywords. The traffic to our website has increased dramatically, and the amount of new people visiting our church has increased along with it.”