Aspects of Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is a service that is provided buy different types of marketing agencies. The goal of this service is the properly shape the representation of a company or individual. Generally this representation would be for online sources. There are many different forums, websites, social media accounts, and other types of online presence that affect the overall picture of how a person or organization can be represented.

Types of Activities

There are several different types of activities this kind of service can undertake. For example a business that has not been monitoring it’s online presence may have several platforms withhold information, or logos, or services. This reflects poorly on an organization when it is seen by potential clients or even vendors, and could be helped by an agency familiar with corporate reputation management. Another concern would be articles, blog posts, or social media posts that show the organization in a negative light. Different ways that this can be corrected include new social media accounts, taking over Rogue social media accounts, legal actions, or replying to specific material. In the case of an individual there may be material online that they do not want associated with their name. Certain online material can definitely impact things like a job interview where prospective employers could be looking at your online footprint. In this case of online reputation management you would have someone thoroughly researching your name online to find possible negative information and finding ways to correct it. This can be related to SEO as well in that a negative news article could be overwhelmed and pushed down in search results with other websites, blog posts, articles, Etc for the purpose of making that negative material hard to find.

Reputation management is both legitimate and legal if you are not abusing things like Google guidelines in order to achieve it. Simply creating content that is true, and ethical is not wrong. Promoting that content on multiple platforms is also perfectly okay. Combining these strategies in order to do what is needed to increase the exposure to positive images of your individual person, or your organization is an important part of the process.

Ongoing Process

Reputation management is also something that is ongoing and not a one-time thing. The internet is constantly in flux with new platforms, new content, new reviews, and new information changing on a daily basis. Depending on the value of your image online you may need a long-term arrangements with a company that can do online reputation management in order to monitor changes and references to your individual person or to your organization and come up with a strategy to deal with those changes.